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The GO.direct offers another solution to your space problems!

The automated dispensing system can be built around on three sides - for example, it can be installed directly behind the medicine display wall. The dispensing of the stored products takes place directly on the automated system, as well as at any location in the room using optional conveyor technology. The back of the automated system can be used for working or storage areas. The GO.direct can therefore be installed at any location in your pharmacy.

Just as with all models of the GO.compact series, the GO.direct comes with various widths, lengths and heights and can be adapted to your space situation, which saves adaptation and conversion costs.

Of course the GO.direct also uses the well-proven, space-saving roll-fronted cabinet principle.

That`s flexibility!


With direct dispensing points, the GO.direct dispenses the stored packages on the longitudinal side of the automated system — for example, through the medicine display wall. The optional speed band ensures speed, thereby relieving the hybrid gripper. Fewer gripper movements save energy and ensure less wear and tear. And it is also quieter!


The patented principle of the automated roll-fronted cabinet system ensures compact storage of the packages in the automated system. Extremely quick access times through the storage of individual packages, optimum product handling through hybrid gripper technology and the reliable interaction between internal and external conveyor technology make the GO.compact a perfect automated storage system for your pharmacy. In addition to these storage advantages, the system can be built around apart from the front side.


The access to the GO.direct is at the front. This way packages can always be removed easily and quickly. The advantage: There are no lateral sliding doors and you can build the GO.compact into the available space.