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Automatic roll-fronted compactor system

Compared to conventional shelving our automated roll-fronted compactor system offers many times more storage space. The highest possible storage volume in the smallest footprint is our goal. Our solutions for pharmacy: the GO.compact and GO.start, along with the solutions for small-sized package handling in industry and commerce, developed from this goal.

The combination of the automated roll-fronted compactors and the most modern hybrid gripper technology - a combination of suction and grasping - ensures that the packages are easily stored and dispensed again.

That is efficient.


Each package is individually stored in a separate slot. This direct access is to ensure that the packages are moved only once for storage and once for dispensing. This reduces complexity, protects the package and reduces energy consumption.


The storage of packages internally is up to the system. So why should it not  require maintenance and emergency accesses to the storage space? Because we have moved it to the outside and as a result we can fit even more products inside. Compact yet readily available.


With the ergonomic storage module you can store up to 350 packs per hour in the system. To dispense via the internal conveyor belt the package requires 7 to 15 seconds. And the connection to the pharmacy is done individually via conveyor systems, chutes or pneumatic tubes.